XTS Brethren:

For a week I worked diligently with my truly excellent parts man to find a steel GM wheel for my Father's XTS Premium.

First let me begin by explaining the factory wheel. It is a 19x8.5", 5x120mm bolt pattern with a 39mm positive offset and a weight of 32.5lbs. The factory tire is 245/45R19 Goodyear Eagle RS-A2 at 27lbs for a combined wheel/tire weight of 59lbs.

GM does not produce a 19" steel wheel with a 5x120 bolt pattern and I could find only three 18", 5x120, steel wheels in GM's vast repertoire. I measured and test fit them as follows:

9599030 18x8 5x120 42mm offset 30lbs Impala - Does not clear XTS calliper.

92197458 18x7.5 5x120 35mm offset Camaro - Does not clear XTS calliper.

92246104 18x8 5x120 46mm offset 33lbs Caprice PPV - Clears XTS calliper. When combined with its 0.5" less width and 7mm more offset the wheel is positioned only 0.65mm outboard from the stock fitment.

I also expanded my search to 17" steel wheels that could work. Again, an in depth search of GM's substantial history of steel wheels resulted in only three wheels turning up with the requisite 5x120 bolt pattern. They are: 9598032 17x7 Lacrosse; 13219393 17x7 Regal; 13239884 17x7 Saab.

I had ready access to 9598032 and measured its offset at 45mm. But it does not clear XTS calliper. I did not pursue the other two 17" wheels for measurement and testing.

So for anyone looking for OEM steel wheels to fit their XTS the part number you want is 92246104.

When combined with a 245/50R18 winter or snow tire the rotational difference is only 0.13% from the stock 245/45R19.

I want to thank my long-time parts man, Chris at Tubman Chevrolet, who's ongoing patience and support were vital to the completion of this project.