There has ben a posting on how to re-set/re-boot CUE. Well, today when I started my 7 weeks USA trip, when standing in line at the boarder, I tried to change the UNITS from Metric to Miles (forgot the word which the DIC uses. Anyway only METRIC showed with the red selection point. No other menu item. Stopped at the Michigan Welcome Centre to have a closer look and also consult the Manual. Well I did it right, but still no other menu item. So I contacted OnStar and they told me I would have to re-set the DIC. Shut everything down and remove the key (i.e. leave the car) but leave the driver door open for 2 minutes. I did and now the missing menu item was there again, which I selected and all was o.k. Run into lot of stop and go all through Indiana and past the Chicago turn off, and eventually contacted OnStar who arranged a hotel room in Davenport, IOWA. And boy, does the car ever rides nice and made 27.5 MPG, even though the very long stop and go.