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Didn't do as good to-day from Montrose to Cortez only 25.7 mpg at average speed of 39.5 for the 157 mile trip, but that scenery and the drive up on US 550 to over 11,000 (more than once), down to Silverton at 9318 elevation and further down to Durango was something else, particularly going up from the north. Can totally compare to the Alps as to switch-backs. Every place I could stop I did, Spent so much time stopping that a young Lady passed me a few times on her bicycle. WOW, couldn't do that anymore on such grades for miles and miles. And then the up-lane was on the valley side and no shoulders. I would be dizzy just standing there never mind biking with cars and the odd 18 wheeler passing. Used the paddles but not pushing it today. I bet some cars behind me must have though my brake lights didn't work as the lower gear kept the car at a save speed around switch backs without touching the brakes. Silverton has changed - too many shops - from the last time I was there some 20 years ago vie the train from Durango. But driving an XTS over those high passes is something else. Also went into the impressive Mesa Verde Park so I stopped well short to-day of my goal and will have a long ride tomorrow.
Thanks for the continuing update! Sounds to me like you are doing it right- stopping and smelling the roses so to speak Since I know you spend a lot of time biking as well, that is quite a tribute to the young Lady on the bike.