Let me share with you how I am able to watch my home TV live or my saved recordings from my DVR while in my XTS. There are three pieces needed to make this happen; 1) a iPhone 5 (or equivalent device) with the hotspot active, 2) a sling box hooked up to your home (or wherever) TV, and the iPad that came with your car.

I use the iPhone 5 hotspot to get access to the Internet. You can also pull up to a McDonalds or other Wifi accessible area and connect that way.

Once you have a hotspot available connect your new iPad to it using settings > Wifi. Now you can play YouTube videos, etc. on your iPad.

To watch TV, hook up a sling box to your TV. This can be purchased at Direct Buy or other electronic store. I not going to go through the hook-up process here, but it is pretty easy. Once setup download the Sling box App to your new iPad and BOOM your playing TV on your iPad.

Now to take it a step further, using Settings > Bluetooth on the CUE, and Settings > Bluetooth on the iPad, connect the two systems via Bluetooth. Under Audio on CUE screen select Media. Page through your media options until you get to your iPad. Now you iPad sound is played through the XTS speakers, and it sounds damn good.

The iPad screen is just the right size for pleasant viewing in your XTS, but you will need to find a place to view it. My solution is to open the power cover to the storage area under the CUE screen. Then lower it, but about half way closed stop it with your hand. The cover will stay in that position. Place the iPad on it and rest the back of the iPad against the CUE screen. You can lay the flex cover that came with the iPad on the dash for added stability.

I love to watch my sports teams and this is perfect solution while I am on the road or waiting for my wife while she is visiting the in-laws.

One important note is to make sure you have a good Internet connection when watching TV, because the interrupts on a slow connection will drive you insane.

Also, there are many variations off this setup. First you can load your iPad up with videos and watch them in the car without an Internet connection or need for a sling box. You can also listen to TV, videos, or whatever using a headset instead of running it through the speaker system.

Now that's Sweetness!