Last night I took my Coupe in for it's first oil change so I spent quite a bit of time in the showroom looking over the models. It was jumping in there.

In the 45 minutes I was waiting they pulled two cars right out of the showroom that had just been sold, a base White Diamond CTS Coupe, and a Black/Black ATS 3.6L Premium.

The ATS was sharp. It had just been put in the showroom. I was spending quite a bit of time looking it over and playing with CUE and no sooner did I walk away from the car when a saleswoman walked up and put a SOLD tag on it and they had a porter take it to get prepped. Sititng in it you could definitely feel that it is smaller than the CTS, especially the width.

There was also a couple in serious negotiations over a base CTS and another looking at an SRX.

It was nice to see all that traffic on a Thursday night around 6:30.

They are drawing people in the showroom that's for sure.