D3 Air Intake | Stage 1

PN#: D3.5301100C or 5301100B

2006-2011 Cadillac XLR-V

The D3 Stage 1 Air Intake features all Aluminum construction and replaces the OEM XLR-V airboxes with open free-flowing Genuine K&N Air Filters.

The Primary inlet tube is also replaced with the D3 Intake Pipe which allows for the maximum amount of air to enter the primary inlet. The D3 Stage 1 Air Intake for the XLR-V is designed to work in conjunction with the OEM Secondary Intake Pipe, thus allowing the Stage 1 Intake to work as a bolt which does not require tuning.


* D3 Air Intake Pipe
* Genuine K&N Air Filters (2)

$449 (Chrome) / $395 (Black) | USD

D3 Air Intake | Stage 2

PN#: D3.5301101C or 5301101B

2006-2011 Cadillac XLR-V

The D3 Stage 2 Air Intake Pipes are designed to interface with the Stage 1 Air Intake. It completes the air intake system by replacing the OEM Secondary Air Inlet Pipe otherwise known as the “Y-Pipe.”

This configuration allows for the maximum volume of air to enter the throttle body giving the supercharged XLR-V a much needed fresh breath of air.

Note: Not for use with the OEM Engine Cover. Due to the higher volume of air moving through the system DYNO TUNING or use of the D-TRONIC module is required for proper drivability.


* D3 Stage 2 Intake Pipes
* Fitting Couplers

$595 (Chrome) / $549 (Black) | USD



485 HP | or +~45 BHP

The D3 STREET PERFORMANCE KITS are designed as true bolt on performance kits.

Utilizing the D-Tronic Performance Module the vehicle is able to utilize simple performance modifications to their fullest potential allowing for very consistent and noticeable power gains.


* D3 Stage 1 Intake
* D3 Stage 2 Intake Pipes
* Dual K&N Air Filter
* D-Tronic Tuning Module

$1,685 | USD