Ok guys, I havenít made my own account yet, but I got the New XLR Blue Steel last week. Clinton is my brother (Twins), current CTS-V owner, we have recorded a lot of videoís together with the blue 2003 Corvette Z06, my old car. Anyways, I wanted to post some pictures of the new car. We are going to clean them both up this weekend and take some CTS-V and XLR pics and Iíll upload those as well.


Check this out

There are a few things Iím looking for in my XLR. I love it so much right now, the ride quality compared to my old Z06 is unreal. Iíd like to look at getting some Chrome rims for the car (Still factory rims, just chrome). I know that GM is coming out with the 250 for the new XLR in 06 with factory chrome rims, but I figure they wonít sell those. What do you guys think? Could I get GM ones? If not any good people to get them dipped, or anyone with the exchange plans? Iím not happy enough with the amount of shine that you get from the factory rims!

Another thing is the floor mates, I donít think there is anything that can be done with them, but mine are already done for, stains, dirty, etc. 300 mils on the car. What has everyone else done with the light interior? Is there anything else out there?

Lastly, the top. I need to come up with a way to make the top go down with the remote. I played with the Tech 2 the other day and could make the computer put the different motors up and down on the car top. This means that using technology like the Top Down does for the corvette you could send some kind of signal to the car and make the top go either up or down. Doesnít seems like it would be to hard. Has anyone else thought about it?

Let me know what you guys think!