If anyone is interested in installing the sherwood wood kit in their xlr, here is some interesting information. When you order through a sherwood dealer, the only questions that are ask are what year and light or dark wood. I ordered mine and stated light. When it came it was too light and i knew it was not dark. The dealer stopped there, like there was nothing else you could do to solve the problem. I then called sherwood and talked to mitch mikoda 1-800-9663669. Mitch is super helpful. I pointed out that the wood grain on the shift area was going in the wrong direction and he had that corrected immediately. Next he sent me many samples of their wood and i finally found one that matches perfectly. He said to ask your dealer for samples before you order, but if they do not satisfy you, call him. They only sell through dealers, but he will see that you get your kit the right color, one way or another.