Oh, one thing that I caught out of the corner of my aged eyes--the comment about useless night vision. I don't have night vision, and I don't think it was available on the 01 STS. The thing is that I have looked through the civilian version of night vision viewers. Even though it's low grade to the military version, it's incredible. Obviously, you are sill at the point, whereby the rods and cones haven't stated to deteroirate. Some people don't suffer from it. For lots of people, however, it starts to kick in about age 40. Yeah, I remember the good ol days when I would have made such a comment.

Obviulsy, you don't keep up on the evolving automtoive history. It was said that tail lights and directionals were useless gadgets, the same with, heaters, automatic transmissions, power brakes, power steering, and A/C. I remember in Automechanics I & II 1974-76, 4 wheel disc brakes were useless gadgets. Mark my words: by 2010 night vision will be standard equipment in all cars.