I haven't followed the CUE forum too much, so just direct me to the appropriate thread if this has been addressed elsewhere.

The contact list CUE is using seems to have come from outer space. Let me explain: the only device CUE has known from me is my BB10, which of course contains my entire contact list. I have personalized some of the names on this list in such a way that they would be different from their "listed number" name: for example, a friend might be identified in my telephone directory contact list by their nickname, while anyone else getting a call from that person's number would probably have their call identify identity displayed as their proper, listed name. When I get a call from that person, their name displays on my BB10 under the name I have listed in my BB10 phone directory.

So here is an example of what CUE has done: I used to be able to use voice command to "call Mom & Dad", and the whole thing would work perfectly, as I had "Mom & Dad" listed in my BB10 contact list. CUE recognized the command, budda boom budda bing, the call would go through, everything was great.


In the last week or so, CUE no longer recognizes "call Mom & Dad", and in fact, when I select my contacts list through CUE, "Mom & Dad" isn't even listed (it is still on my BB10, though, as it always has been). I was able to find the phone number in CUE under my Dad's name, though, which is (in the words of South Park) "pretty f**ked up right there, Dude", because nowhere is my father's name listed in my BB10 phonebook: that number is only under "Mom & Dad", which is the way I want it.

So what happened? How did CUE get my father's name? From an incoming call? And why does CUE now ignore my BB10 contact list names (in several instances) and instead associated the phone numbers with what IT wants? In one case, it has listed a number of another common contact with an initial that doesn't exist in that person's name.

CUE the Twilight Zone music...

UPDATE: At least I know where the information is coming from: the BB10 houses contact information in two separate contact lists, one a phone specific list, and one that compiles and mashes together contacts from not only the phone book, but also email, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. CUE now seems to be accessing that list instead of my phone list, and come to think of it, it might have something to do with a recent OS update I did my BB, since that would be time coincident.

I'm still annoyed, though