I am new to this forum, so please excuse me if I have started a thread where one exists for the same topic. One more thing that I need to learn is how to search for existing topics.

The difficulty I am having is naming the POI while I am trying to save it. I am able to locate the POI by typing its phone number in the search field. It brings up the name of the business and its address and phone number. My problem begins when I try to save it.

Initially I am given the choice of saving it as a home address or work address. Then, as I scroll down, I am given all sorts of other options. All I want to do is save it in the Address Book as the business name.

After 15 minutes of trying, the dealer gave up. And, even after trying for 45 minutes, the CUE rep and I still could not figure it out.

Your advice is appreciated. Thank you.

I figured it out. Each step along the way has to be "clicked" on -- characterization of address -- characterization of phone number -- etc. I thought only one characterization was needed. I was mistaken.