I got my XTS on Dec 31 and bought it mainly for the infotainment system. I've really enjoyed learning about it and at this point really enjoy the car and the CUE system. Is it perfect, no, but it's a new system and will get better.

I've put about 2450 songs on a 32 gig SD card and put a play list on it and it works great. I like seeing album artwork displayed when MP3 files are played and hope it will soon show artwork when playing M4a files. Yes it takes a minute or two to index each time I start the car but most the time it starts playing after a few seconds and by the time the first song is done the favorites buttons are lit and ready to use. I love having artists and playlists on the favorite buttons along with one to call my wife and another to get me home by using the GPS.

I appreciate Cody and any other Cadillac people participating here as well. I'm sure our input will help them improve the system and I'm looking forward to getting the update. It would be helpful if a list of what is being changed or improved would be posted so we know what to look for.

Now that my Iphone 5 has been updated to the latest release I can answer and place calls hands free. I am thrilled to drive this car. It has awesome technology.