I'm a podcast junkie for my commute to and from work. I used to have a smart playlist from iTunes that found unplayed podcasts and sorted them by download date, did it for years. Then iOS came out with a dedicated Podcast app. It basically does that and I don't have to sync with my computer anymore.

The problem is that podcasts on the iPhone baffle CUE. I can't set a podcast as a favorite, I can't use the "Unplayed Podcasts" list in the Podcast app as a favorite (although to be fair this is now app specific so I guess I wouldn't expect it unless Apple makes a podcast app with GM's API) but even worse sometimes randomly if I'm listening to the unplayed podcast list outside the car, when I get it to the car and connect the phone (via USB) it will play the first alphabetical song in my music instead of continuing the podcast stream. It works sometimes, but not always. At this point I need to pause the music with the CUE touchscreen, then tap the podcast app "play" button on the iphone screen (I'm still at rest in case your were wondering) and then it will either work, or go totally haywire and skip each podcast after 1 or 2 seconds of playing. The only way to stop this is select some other input like FM, XM, then select the iPhone again after a few seconds.

Is this a known issue (codeman?) and if not, I'll be happy to provide more info.