Ever since I bought my car in November 2004, the front seat back panels have been loose. What I mean is the leather/vinyl (I am not sure which it is) piece just above the map pockets, that is contoured, has beem loose. Here is what I did to repair it. Remove the rear panels by grasping the lower edge, and pulling straight outward. There are two clips halfway up the panel, again, just pull outward. Then there are two clips at the top, just pull the panel straight downward, so you do not break these clips. You will see about 40 to 50 staples holding the edge of the fabric to the panel. I used a very small flat blade screwdriver to remove these, and threw them away. Once the staples are out, pull the fabric back, all the way down to the map pocket. I used 3M glue in a spray can. Mask off every area that you do not want to have glue on it. Spray both the plastic panel, and the leather/vinyl fabric. Let it cure for about five minutes, and press it into place. I used a few of my wifes sweaters and a couple of 5 lb barbell plates, to put pressure on the panel as it dried. After it dries, spray the ends of the fabric that was stapled, and wrap it aroung the plastic panel. Problem solved. I did this a week ago, and it is still holding firm. My car could not have been the only one that had this problem. Just passing along for anyone who needs the info.