"95" Deville(Concourse) ..Any idea where the fan relay/relays are? I checked the fuse are OK .. Think the relays might be located under the fuses but not sure>??I would appreciate any input in regard to 1995 Concourse on why ENGINE HOT & HOT IDLE ENGINE messages are lighting up after 15 minutes of passive operation with HOT messages and both fans not coming on??I sure dont want any part of overheating and possibly blowing the head gasket. I just had a simler incident with my 2000 DTS where I took it to a shop for a leaking radiator that caused it to overheat once and the INCOMPETANT mechanic who relaced the radiator gave me my DTS back with a CHECK COOLANT message which turned out to be a bad HEAD GASKET. I still think he let it overheat during repair possibly while testing. So much for all that so called northstar "camel protection". Please any ideas on the reasons fans not engaging and ever had to change relays?