I thought I would repost this if there is a way a forum member can cross reference if thery are looking for advice sometime.

Also I mention a blower I found that looks good fit good and worked good, but has to longevity I can report.

Noob talk. Well, I do not want to brag, but I thought I would tell my story.

I bought the TYC General Rock Auto # 700110 for $51.79 shipped and just put it in.

I used the Haynes Manual and since I saw the picture and saw the step by step instructions I tore her up.

Total time for me about in 3 1/2 hours without a break except for searching for tools in my disorderly noob toolbox and all round inside the house. I got most everything but do not know where it is.

I will note you need a T15 Torx and a 7/32" socket AKA a 6mm.These are tools many actually may not have acquired and it sure can pee you off once you disconnect the negative battery terminal under the rear seat. I have bought many of the once available "$1.00, cheaper than Chinese" socket sets and always wondered why I had all those tiny sockets.
Hey, I digress.

The book said 1.8 hours is all a mechanic gets to do the job so as a noob I think I did real well. With what I know I would be able to beat that time, cause I know the hangups.

Say you got a Haynes Book. Skip the bloody part where they tell you too remove the junction box under the glove compartment from the bracket. No reason at all on this car. HOWEVER, I tried and wasted my time and I bet I wasted about an hour just on this stupid step as the j-box was in no way in hell coming off the bracket. The connectors on the plugs were good two out of three but the blue one was a bear for me. I had to fetch the bathroom hand mirror to see how the devil it snapped in, the small blue connector's backside. These two parts of the job wasted way over an hour and as far as I can see Haynes is totally wrong.

OK. The TYC looks like a nice piece, like an upgrade from the '03 OEM. It worked just fine.

The '03 blower was just worn out and you could feel the dryness, the lag, the stickiness. The TYC felt fine and I set it on the picnic table next to the car and noted some virtuous construction IMHO, but I am a noob so disregard.

Even if a first time ace pro wrench went after this puppy he would have to be an honest man to just charge the flat rate, but a pro wrench might have much more common sense than a noob like me.

BTW. I have the glove box six pack CD changer { is this car that old?] and it was inconvenient but not a fearful task doing that. Just added that in case you got the CD changer.

DUMBEST part: I had the new blower in the trunk!!!!! So what you say. I got not key to open the trunk. However, I have the ski pass through and tore the box apart in the trunk to get the blower. Am I like gifted with foresight or what? LOL!

Right now I feel as if a large number of punks pounded me with iron pipes but that special feeling is melting away.