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Cadillac Tech Tips - How to fix it Discussion, 1994-1999 Deville Blower Motor Replacement in Item Specific Cadillac Discussion; Regarding the rubber/plastic cover that is screwed to the firewall, and apparently surrounds the blower motor: I've always take my ...
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    SteveMeyer is offline Cadillac Owners Member
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    Mar 2012

    Re: 1994-1999 Cadillac Deville Blower Motor Replacement

    Regarding the rubber/plastic cover that is screwed to the firewall, and apparently surrounds the blower motor: I've always take my 94 Seville to the Cadillac dealer, but let my dad's mechanic take a shot at replacing a dead blower motor; said he could save me a boat load of money. Well, he fixed it, and I assume he put a new blower in, but he didn't save me any money. That was six months ago. Today, I put a new battery in myself, and noticed what appears to be the blower motor housing on the firewall is all broken up into dozens of pieces that someone appears to have tried to glue back together, and sprayed with black paint. I reach in to touch it and it crumbled. This appears to be made of rubber, and must be the cover mentioned in the earlier posts to this thread. I noticed today that I can smell engine oil in the car, and I am now wondering what this cover is actually. I'm thinking it is ligitimate duct work and it purpose is to channel air from the windshiled cowelling to the blower. I'm thinking that I might now be sucking air out of the engine compartment through the busted up rubber blower cover. What is this cover? Do I need it? Should I replace it? Can I replace it? Is the part even available?


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    vincentm's Avatar
    vincentm is offline Cadillac Owners Connoisseur
    Automobile(s): 1997 Cadillac Eldorado ETC
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    Aug 2010
    Kennewick WA

    Re: Blower motor?

    So it's a success after all the history of AC problems from when i first bought this vehicle i (hopefully) have fully functioning brand new AC. from the compressor, to accumulator, orifice tube to high and low pressure switches, now to the damn blower motor.

    So to recap, here's how the motor was replaced.

    First the old one that needed to come out, see that little bastard staring you down? saying "haha good luck getting me out of here" Well, you little F***er, you're being evicted!

    Start by disconnecting the negative battery cable:

    Then the cross tower brace is outta there, see ya!

    then the coil pack, 2 10mm bolts up front, 2 in the rear, 4 electrical connections on the left and right side of it

    And she's off:

    Next up is the vacuum solenoid/switches, 10mm bolt

    Then the old blower motor which comes off in 3 pieces, observe.

    First the heat shield, three 8mm bolts:

    Then the outside five bolts holding it to the firewall. The bottom bolt is a pain in the ass, take a swig of beer and breathe deeply, gather your patience, if you get frustrated, calm down and walk away.

    And that bastard is out:

    Now to get the new one in the right camshaft cover has to come off no ifs and or buts, the good thing though is that i didn't have to disconnect the front torque strut to rock the engine forward, i used this for the rear 4 10mm bolts

    And the new one installed, be careful in getting it in there, take your time and breath slowly, at this point if you have a buzz from the beer swigging, stop and wait for it to go away.

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    Bogdan's Avatar
    Bogdan is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): 1995 Deville Concours 4.6 - 170,000 miles
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    Oct 2005

    Re: 1994-1999 Cadillac Deville Blower Motor Replacement

    I've replaced myself the blower motor on my deville 95 thanks to the knowledge posted here. I used the method given by jlord9485 and was the simplest and the fastest. That way you can fit the whole blower in with no problem regardless if is the new [3 bolts] or the old/original model [5bolt]. No issues with rubber cover which indeed crumbled. Old rubber will crumble and fall on exhaust and melt with a heavy rubber smell but this will not alter blower motor duct integrity. What can really alter is if you brake the plastic access part cover that's under the rubber cover and which you need to unscrew [1 bolt only] to have that room access as in the picture posted by jlord9485. Also when you replace that plastic access cover back pay attention as it have a snug fit position into the fire wall metal margin. Don't tight to much the 1 bolt plastic cover screw as you are tightening it on plastic...

    If the replacing part is the 5 bolt blower motor one which doesn't have the heat shield protection as the new one has I advise to buy a thermo adhesive backed heat barrier which will cover and protect not only the blower but also the surrounding areas. I've used a 12x12 inches very convenient priced one find and purchased from Autozone for $11-Therma Tec.
    004 (800x600).jpg005 (800x600).jpg

    For the ones who will take apart to 3 pieces the original blower for the convenience to fit in that tight space [without using jlord9485 method] and reassemble it after you need to be aware that putting it together in that tight space it makes it very difficult to have it back solid. There are 3 contact pins that you'll find easy to get into their seat but they really need to go all the way which is really a pain...you might think that you have them solid fit but not and the 3 bolts on the metal plate will not pull them into a solid fit either. If that happens the blower once installed will eventually decenter and break its cage and even damage the rotor. Happened to me but I was fortunate to have the cage only broken and have the spare cage taken from the deceased blower. Second time I've replaced the blower as a one solid piece using jlord9485 method. To be sure it is a solid fit you'll need to put the cage-rotor part and the 3 contact pins cover together at least before installation and because of that when you don't use jlord9485 will may need more room so the engine tilt might give you now this leverage.

    Here is the blower rotor part and the 3 contact pins that need to get into the rotor contact seat. Pins will need to go all the way till you fill that pins cover is centered and solid stable into the 3 bolt holes position.
    blower mot.jpg

    Here is the metal plate that will complete the fixed position in between the rotor, pin cover and the metal plate through the 3 bolts screws. If you did the solid fit part as described in the first picture you can leave and add the metal plate last so you can can have more space to screw the blower to the fire wall through the 5 bolts first. For this screw the 3 bolts directly into the cover so you assure rotor and cover stay well together then fix the blower to the fire wall, take out then the 3 bolts and have them back again with metal plate. You're done.

    001 (800x600).jpg
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    abrag10 is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): 1995 Cadillac Deville
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    Nov 2014

    Re: 1994-1999 Deville Blower Motor Replacement

    I'm having trouble removing my blower motor on my '95 Deville with 4.9 liter engine. I'm wondering how I can drop the engine to make more room. I've looked and looked and can't find anywhere to place a jack to lower it.

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    mavric240's Avatar
    mavric240 is offline Cadillac Owners Fanatic
    Automobile(s): 1998 Deville
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    Mar 2014
    Dayton Ohio

    Re: 1994-1999 Deville Blower Motor Replacement

    Four Seasons has a blower motor 35121 that comes in two pieces. Using this design was a piece of cake to replace. I've seen the same part number using a one piece design so you will need to check what's in the box. The design I got was a motor with a pigtail and a aluminum flange with the electronics mounted on it. After removing the old one as indicated above install the new motor assembly in the hole, Slip the flange over the pigtail and motor. Using the supplied nuts attach the flange to the motor and then snap in the pigtail to the module on the flange. Next proceed to bolt up the new motor and reverse the removal directions to complete the install.

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    jaxwithanx is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): 1995 Cadillac STS
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    May 2010
    Houston, TX

    Re: 1994-1999 Deville Blower Motor Replacement

    Quote Originally Posted by mavric240 View Post
    Four Seasons has a blower motor 35121
    Did you order your Four Seasons blower from anywhere specific. I can find them much cheaper online but your comment about the same part number also being the one piece design has me gun shy to order through eBay or Amazon considering there is no real way to get those types of places to check the part first before ordering.

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    bhfoster21 is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): 2004 DeVille Base
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    Jan 2015
    Venice, FL/OOB, ME

    Re: 1994-1999 Deville Blower Motor Replacement

    Process worked like a charm. 2 hours start to finish. Great info here. Thanks All.

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    moses1989 is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): 1999 cadillac deville
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    Jun 2015
    Hi, so I attempted to do this jlords way reading info I read on here. Turns out my 99 Cadillac deville 4.6 northstar v8 does not have this access plastic piece that supposedly detached for easier access so now I've got all this time into removing the rubber piece around the firewall and I'm still unable to remove the blower at this point even after removing the coil pack and a large amount of bolts surrounding the area and firewall .... I'm thinkning I'm going to have to remove the camshaft cover like Vincent shows in his thread but I wish I would have attempted this from the beginning... Is there an easier way for me to do this at this point???? This is turning into a big mess..... And I no longer have my rubber cover is that necessary and can I find a replacement? What would i refer to it as when looking for a replacement part?

    Hi, so after reading more forums I found out the "rubber piece" is actually the HVAC /cover / barrier which is an over $100 replacement piece and most people are saying I'd have to remove the engine in order to replace it ... It was a horrible mistake! I would not recommend doing this job jlords way and to make things worse I still dont ave the old motor out after already disassembling it.. I think I will have to remove the camshaft cover like Vincent suggested ....

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    kjanx is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): 1994 sls
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    Aug 2015

    Re: 1994-1999 Deville Blower Motor Replacement

    I don't see a resister on the firewall of my 1994 sls. other threads I read say there is a module underneath the dash inside.
    anyone know or have a pic of such module? need to replace ac blower that smells burnt
    thanks, kjanx

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    duke7595 is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): Eldorado
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    Apr 2012

    Re: 1994-1999 Deville Blower Motor Replacement

    last year and had similar problems, I have a 1999 Eldorado .
    What I did is not recommended , I ended up cutting the top portion of the blower motor housing, after doing so it was very easy to install. I will be replacing the same part again very soon as the used motor I purchased has went bad. This time I will buy a new one, it's just not worth the time and aggravation to try and save a few bucks with something this difficult to replace.
    I'm sure you have replaced your blower motor by now, I posted for those who may have to replace theirs, BUY NEW, not used, it just isn't worth it.

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