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Guy, I get that 'slack' thing only in 3rd gear. If I'm in slow moving traffic where I'm off the gas then on again, it seems like there is play or something that gets taken up as soon as I touch the gas and I feel a bit of a 'jerk'. I took it to the dealer a while back to have checked out and they said it was normal. I checked the rear diff bushing and it was fine. I live with it.
I wish a GM tech or engineer would give a full explanation of what this is. I've never really experienced it before and with so much torque in these motors it just 'feels' wrong. I got the same explanation that you did. "It's normal the diff is fine." I actually got a trans tune from Jesse (wait4me) and it totally eliminated the shift flare and it feels like it nearly eliminated the "slack" feeling. I don't notice it like I used to...then again my commute has changed and I have less of that 25-30mph on-and-off-the-gas driving; so one could be completely unrelated to the other.

Either way, those with shift-flare, go get a transmission tune. Jesse is probably the best in the country with these transmissions - dude works wonders