Sorry on the chrome rims thread about the pads, didn't mean to interfere with that thread.

I am not an expert with ceramic pads, but have had experience with three cars now with them.

EBC makes ceramic pads as well as hawk for our cars, and both come with a break in coating on the pads that lasts for about 50 to 100 miles. This coating is specific to wear the rotor smoother, and to heat temper the rotors, according to EBC. I have run them on both my Corvettes, and one Mustang GT.

Do they eat up the rotors faster. YES!!! I have noticed that I can go two to three pads with a rotor before the rotors become too thin. I have noticed on both my Vettes that the rotors needed replacement at the same time as the pads needed to be changed. I went 36000 miles with ceramics on my 03 vette, but that was with a lot of SCCA Solo events under my belt. My 05 Vette went 32000 miles with about 50% pad and rotor left at that point. Only Solod that car once, but a lot of aggressive mountain driving. You will notice on the lips of the rotors that the rotor does eat up faster. I have read that Cryogenic rotors seem to last a lot longer with ceramic pads, but no experience. I ran a slotted and crossdrilled Bear rotor set with my 05 Vette, and that one seemed to last a lot longer, so it may be possible that the crossdrilling and scrapping of the pads extends the rotor life.

I don't know, but on all three cars I noticed the same bite as the stock pads under normal driving but much more grip from speed, more consistancy, and no fade at all on both vettes! The small 11" rotors on the mustang took about twice as long to fade, but still did fade.

Warping. When you buy these pads, they usually come with instructions on how to temper the rotors to the pads, so that extreme wear and warping is not a problem, this is why these pads come with break in surfaces on them also. Ceramics disappate the heat much faster, but will get hotter on use. You absolutely need to heat temper your rotors before hard use of ceramics or you will warp the rotors, as I had found out on my Mustang. I didn't read the warnings that came with the pads on the Mustang at first. After getting new rotors and pads, I heat tempered them first and had no problem. They actually also make a rotor coating that is specifically to be used with cermic pads, with rotors that are made of a harder steel so that they last much longer, where you can get two pad sets on one set of rotors. I forget what the coating is called, but EBC made these rotors, and Brembo offered them also, with a gold colored coating! I noticed on my freinds vette that the initial bite was much stronger when using the upgraded rotors. He has 50000 miles on it now, and 30,000 with the upgrade, and his pads have about 50% life left, but the rotors look almost like new! I plan to get these for the V since they have them through Brembo, when mine wear out.

I mostly got these for the lack of dust they put out, since I hate cleaning my rims. They now go twice as long before they get dirty. I have noticed with chrome rims, that they took forever to get dirty with the ceramics, but my V and mustang have non chrome and still get dirty a little bit. Also with the staqe 1 on my car, I felt that a little more breaking power wouldn't hurt at all.

So in the long run it is more costly to run them, they do make noise, but they provide better braking and cleaner rims. Oh and by the way the Brembo cross drilled and vented rotors, that are also directionally vented run $425 for a set for each end.

One last thought, on all three vehicles I never had to replace anything on the rear end, with 70% pad life left after I had changed the fronts on my first vette.