Ok so i am starting to get a little upset with this. I recently replaced my MRC shock front and rear with brand new OEM ones because one had a hole in the boot. We also replaced the air lines and compressor.

So the fun starts from there. I got the message about 500 miles after the change and brought it in and they told me that it was the suspension leveling solinoid on the drivers side that was bad. So i replaced that. Low and behold the message wont go away. So i brought it in again and they said that its now showing the passenger side is bad. So i replaced that one also. and you guessed it. Message is still appearing.

I dont know what to do from here. Do i just have to suck it up and pay another hour labor for them to see what the next thing is or is there something else i should do.

BTW everything workes fine to what i can tell even the ride height changes with load.

Thanks in advance for any help.