I appreciate what GM does, now that tires are remarkably resilient, with compact spares, however, I need to replace a rear wheel anyway, and thought it'd be great to have a full-size spare.

I took a chunk out of the lip of the LR, and besides cosmetics, there's nothing wrong with it. I'm about to get new shoes all around, and it'll have no value to anyone but me, most likely.

After examining the spare tire well, I'm pretty certain it's not even close to deep enough to hold an 8" wheel with OEM size tire on it without the cover being significantly lifted from flush with the floor, like it is with the compact spare.

Anyone who's had an OEM wheel in that well...how bad is it?


edit: I was putting air in the compact spare, and whadda know, there is a 'Styrofoam' spacer which holds it up off the floor. A full size will fit, no problem. Could likely put two compacts in this space if you were planning on road-tripping to a remote area.