I understand the easiest way is to separate the upper control arm from the knuckle, and tilt the whole knuckle out, leaving the bottom connected, however, mine refuses to come apart, and I'm not beating on the pickle fork any harder (yes, I removed the bolt).

I'm pretty certain I could remove/replace the hub by going round-robin with the three bolts which hold it in, but I can't seem to get a socket on the bottom one...of course. Though, all I have is an 18mm deep socket, which is too long to get past the axle housing and onto the nut.

I really don't want to put it back together at this point without finishing it. Plus, that means I'd take it somewhere, and I don't like that idea, either.

I'm still baffled by how I made it this long without an 18mm normal length socket (which may still be too long).

Never mind, found it!!!

From the SRX forum, but it's the same.