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When does the Discount Tire deal end, if you want to trade your tires to a 35" profile? I know, thats not what you want. Maybe the wheel gap will go away, once the car is back to normal stance. I would say that it will with 19s on 35" profile.
With the 40" profile, have you felt anything out of the ordinary when braking, steering, or accelerating, due to stability error?
Thanks for your advice. I have a few days on the Discount deal. I contacted my Cadillac dealer with my concern and they saw the gap and confirmed that everything was at normal factory specs. I'll get a second opinion from another dealer. The ride, braking, and suspension is normal. Nothing is out of the ordinary. We had a good rain come in so I drove aggressively trying to force the traction and stability control. Never came on and I didn't have any control issues. I'm cool with the stance. I'll adjust further down the road if problems occur.