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Thread: 05 STS Front Passenger Door Issue

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    jkharnage is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): 2005 Cadillac STS
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    Feb 2009
    Trempealeau, WI

    05 STS Front Passenger Door Issue

    As some you may already know this, some women are hell on automobiles. Mine is usually the passenger in my 05 STS. My problem is that she slammed the front passenger door a few times within the last two weeks and now, when somebody goes to open it, the mechanism will unlatch from the striker while pulling on the door handle but it doesn't fully disengage for the user to open the door. You would have to pull the door handle again to open the door. So, what did they do to me (Wife and Caddy). There's obviously a module inside the door that isn't disengaging form the stiker when a user pulls on the door handle and the user has to pull twice on the handle to fully open this door. What am I looking for to diagnose the problem? Could it be a short in the module? What's the name of this module/part? Has anybody else experienced this with their wives, girlfriends, or mistresses? No offense ladies but please don't take it out on the car doors.

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    Greg00coupe is offline Cadillac Owners Enthusiast
    Automobile(s): 05 STS
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    Jan 2005
    Canton, Oh

    Re: 05 STS Front Passenger Door Issue

    I'm just guessing but I assume there is a relay on the passenger door just as there is on the drivers door. Thus it is probably in need of repair. Seems to me there are two types of problems with the door system. 1. If the door does nothing the antena in the door handle is dead. If you pull the handle and the passenger doors unlock and either front door does not, the relay in that door is toast.

    I've taken mine apart several times and it looks like a bear to replace. What I have found is that if you open the door there is a rubber plug in the top of the door frame. I spray a 5 second or so hit of electonic contact cleaner in there when the door stops working, maybe once a month. Don't use W40 or oil, use electonic contact cleaner sold at auto stores.

    I know mine is in need on a respray when the door takes several pulls to open or there is a slight delay. Then several days later it stops completely and I need to use the key. Worse in winter then summer. Might get it fixed might just keep spraying the cleaner in there. BTW when you spray it it may not work right away but does soon. A hit and miss but unfortunatly my closest dealer is not close so am waiting for something else to get serviced before I take care of this.

    Some have replaced the replay themselves, I could but I'm getting beyond doing this type of work.

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    EChas3 is offline Cadillac Owners Master
    Automobile(s): 2006 STS4 V8 1SG & 2007 STS V8 1SE
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    Jun 2008
    Cedarburg, WI

    Re: 05 STS Front Passenger Door Issue

    How hard was it slammed?

    If it partially releases, I doubt the relay is at fault. I haven't read of many solinoid failures, but I guess it could happen. You might try having a body guy take a look. They know tricks but those tricks are mechanical not electronic.

    My wife is hard on her STS, but that's more to do with her right foot and the volume control.


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