Does changing the Valve Cover Gasket on the Passenger Side of 4.6l V8 require lifting the motor. I've replaced twice. Still leaks....dammit! Put sealant on the second time (against the gasket manuf. instructions). Its holding on the other side (I think).

Took it to my local chevy dealer(yes, chevy, they are really good) and they said the Northstar valve covers are Notorious for Warping!!! Imgine my horror after hearing this. NO GASKET OR GLUE WILL COMPENSATE FOR A BENT VALVE COVER! Dammit again, the time and energy I put into replacing that gasket and I hear that!

Had to loosen one bolt from UNDER THE CAR.

Anyone else having this/these issues? OIL SMELL IS ANNOYING W/ AC ON AND WINDOWS UP.