Well, as I posted earlier, the different final drive gear (3.23 vs. 2.73 = approx. 15 - 18% more “mechanical advantage”) makes this a MUCH more responsive and sporty feeling vehicle. It was immediately noticeable.

This change is equal to something over half a typical ‘gear step’. Meaning: In 3rd, with 3.23, a 1SF would pull almost like a 1SE does in 2nd with 2.73. Etc. Almost. Point being that I do not claim to have a precisely calibrated “butt dyno” – but the difference in acceleration available was immediately apparent to me. With this ratio, the STS V8 now truly feels the way that I expected - from a vehicle where published tests indicate a sub- 6 second 0-60 and low 14s quarter.

(My current Lincoln LS V8 has been independently established as capable of a mid-6 second 0-60 and 14.7-ish quarter.)

I would HIGHLY recommend that anyone looking for acceleration as part of the performance equation at least drive a 1SF or 1SG before deciding on a 1SE – or deciding to purchase a different vehicle. It was that dramatic a difference, to me!

Other observations.

MagnaRide: The tire pressures (according to the monitoring system) were 37 to 41 cold. And with these pressures, it rode approx. like my LS with 34. Good, but not great. Since my LS also has 50 series Michelins – and more ride biased than handling biased - I had expected a bit better. The Michelins (oddly, 255 / 45s on the rear of the 1SF) chosen are clearly not ultimate street handling tires like the QAF Pilot Sports would be.

Sunroof: Obviously, the 1SE did not have one. The 1SF w/roof appears to have just enough clearance for me. Just. And I am only 6’ even. The wind noise from the roof in the full ‘vent’ position was well managed and quite reasonable.

Indicated RPM at 60 approx. 2050-2100 at 70 approx. 2300. It was, I’ll admit, difficult to obtain steady readings in the 5 or 6 miles I drove on the busy Atlanta area Interstate this AM. I was also unable to obtain a reasonably accurate instant MPG reading on the Driver Info. Center due to constant traffic. Oh, well.

The front seats felt a bit odd to me. I felt like I was sitting with the center section too far forward? Or the sides were not far enough forward – to provide me with lateral support. I made certain that the lumbar support was as far back as possible. Cooled seats worked well.

Odd that even at the $58K level the STS does not offer adjustable foot pedals.
I guess that’s all.

I find, in 2 brief test drives, the STS in V8 / 1SF form to be a very attractive car.

Just my $0.02.

- Ray
Ready to try a Jaguar S-Type R (much more HP!!) next . . .