The latest FIRTFT from Techlink shows two bulletins for SRXs as shown here (scroll to bottom of list):

The first bulletin states that 2013-14 models both may have an issue with the power seat/mirror not operating. The second states that 2013 models may have rear heated seats activating on their own. However, we have a 2014, and it has been showing this characteristic (thought something might have been bumping the button until now). Apparently they're working on a software update for it, so I'll be asking our service rep tomorrow as to whether this can be applied to 2014s as well.

On a side note, while on a recent trip, we experienced a growling noise coming from somewhere underneath the car at certain times when the RPM was around 2000. On each drive, the car seemed to pick a random speed (typically 60ish) and whenever the speed would be constant around that (such as during cruise control use), we'd hear it. As soon as we'd accelerate or decelerate, it would quit. We had another dealership inspect the car right away, and also had our local dealer check it once we got home. Neither could find anything and now it hasn't done it in days, so we're not sure if it might have just been a fluke. Anyone else noticing something like this?