Hi all!

I have enjoyed my brand new SRX for only 100kms, when the following issue appeared - during the engine start and system check, the tire icon started flashing amber and the DIC popped a message that issue with the TPMS is discovered. I had to dismiss the message and the amber light stayed on. On the TPMS page I could see that the front right tire sensor is showing dashes. The other three sensors were showing correct pressure.

As soon as I found out the engine restart wasn't going to sort this out I took the vehicle to the dealer, where they kindly accepted the vehicle and said they will fix it in 10 minutes. 10 minutes later the service adviser came and said they need to keep the vehicle for the day. Cut the story short, 4 days later, I received the vehicle back and was informed the issue has been taken care of. The explanation was they had to change some faulty module (after they couldn't trace the issue with the sensor itself). What puzzled me was the vehicle was driven for 500km, I was told that this has been done for testing purposes (?!). Anyway, fast forward 300km and a week later, while driving on the highway, the same amber light started flashing again and the same DIC message appeared. When I checked the tire pressures I discovered the same front right sensor is showing dashes again.

Now, could someone here tell me what might be the issue, so I can pass the message to the dealership. At this point I doubt they know what is going on and I'm worried they break something else while trying to fix this problem. Vehicle is currently at 850km only...

Thanks for any assistance.