Hey guys,
Brand new 2013 SRX owner here and I love it!! I have a question for you guys though. When looking, I went to a local dealer first to see and drive the car and his numbers were factored using a residual of 58% on 39 month 12k miles a year. When we decided to lease the SRX we went to a lifelong friend of my wife where we leased from them. Under the same conditions (39mo 12k miles) they used a residual of 55%. When i asked about the 58% they said that was for the ATS and other cars we looke at, not the SRX. I tried calling ally and they referred me to the dealers.... How can I find the "real" residual % of this car?? Thanks in advance. PS I tried for hours to find the info on the internet, it seems everything is kept secret to consumers and it pis*es me off that we can't be armed with the knowledge so we don't get screwed... (rant over)