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"Some of the backlash will come from folks angry about the loss of U.S. jobs and what they perceive as outright treason, a person denigrating American manufacturers while threatening to dump their SRX and buy foreign, as the OP did in this thread. Some of the backlash will come from folks who see the "offending" poster comparing apples to oranges, a less expensive SRX to a significantly more expensive foreign alternative. "

You realize the SRX is made in Mexico - I assume?
I'm a fair, non-condemning kinda guy, however, I've been called a "Flag Waiver" ( and worse!) by some family/friends, because my motto is "Buy American, whenever possible! Guilty. I simply believe our kids/grandkids will have to learn how to say " ...do you want French Fries with that order?"..... if we don't start to manufacture/Research and Develop more products in the USA. Even if it costs 5% MORE when I buy it! Assembling cars in Mexico ( to obviously skirt the UAW wages scale) bothers me but at least the corp. profit comes back home. And Canada is a good trade partner/neighbor and they BUY many American sleds, (does Japan? Germany?) so let them assemble some too! Quid-pro-quo. No, I'm not happy about the totally blurred scenario, but if I bought a Toyota, (even if assembled here) I know where the bulk of the R&D money (and patents, as well as much of the parts sourcing) will go. Japan.

It's the R&D money and Corp. profits, and Patents that will dictate who controls the future...................... and our jobs. Talk to an elder about WWII, and which companies saved our cumulative tail-ends and the World's! It wasn't Peugeot, Mercedes or Nippondenso .......

Also how Radar saved Britain! Glad we had it. (read if interested: http://www.wired.com/science/discove...dayintech_0226 )

I make the best of an imperfect world and ask my family to at least LOOK at US car brands, but many simply will not......period. Seen Detroit lately? Many of my friends are now out of work, from GM sub-sourcing companies, right in my own state of NY. Very sad.

Yes, I know it's a complicated/multi-layered issue, but buying domestically sure won't hurt our futures......... or our allies.

Just my 2 1/2 cents.