When I took my first SRX test drive it was "rough as a cobb". I mean it was really harsh. I told the saleseman that I suspected the tires (20") were overinflated. We returned to the dealership and checked the DIS and sure enough, all four tires were 37 or 38 PSI. The mfr sticker on the door frame recommends 35 PSI. I asked him to have the guys in the shop to drop the pressure to 34 PSI. We took another test drive and ""voila" the ride improvement was significant. Even the sales guy said "wow".

My turbo was delivered with the same excessive pressure but now I keep it at 33-34 PSI. No TPMS light comes on and the ride is GREAT. If I get a few less miles out of the tires, so be it.

If you think you might want a milder ride, you should check your tire pressure and experiment from there. Even a couple of pounds either way can make a huge difference.