I participated in the Cadillac of Crossovers event when it came through Dallas, and had my 1st chance to drive the 2010 SRX. I arrived at the event immediately after driving our 2006 SRX to have new tires mounted, so it was fresh in my mind.

I came away pretty impressed. I still like the 04-09 SRX better, but for reasons that aren't going to make a difference to most Crossover SUV buyers - V8, rear wheel drive, Sigma architechture, etc..

The 2010 SRX looks good outside, and is stunning inside. I thought the current CTS interior was pretty good, and the new SRX goes it one (or two) better. Nothing dissapoints, from the parts you interact with like the seats and the steering wheel to the parts you just look at like the door panels.

The ability of the standard engine to handle the curb weight was my big concern. 3.0 Front Wheel Drive models are what we drove. It's not quick, but at the city street speeds they kept us to, it did not feel at all underpowered or slow. I did drive exclusively in sport mode, and you could tell the transmission was working hard to make the most of the available power. But given that they're offering a turbo 2.8 as well, and that speed racer isn't the real target market for a small crossover SUV, the 3.0 SRX is a smart thing for Cadillac to offer, and it is going to perfect for a lot of people.

You can read more of what I thought about the SRX and the competitor cars here: http://eastbounddown.com/2009/11/201...ts-sportwagon/