I have been smelling burnt oil from my 2005 Cadillac SRX V8 1GYEE63A450100232 since I purchased from Williamson Cadillac on 7/2012, they have now given me a $2k bill to fix after all the warranties have expired. The service advisor accidently revealed that I had complained about the smell of burnt oil in 2007. I didnt have the car in 2007, i purchased it in 2012. So the prior owner had the same issue which was obviously not fixed and williamson sold the car to me with this problem and failed to acknowledge or advise me of the issue although I complained about the smell several times including the same week I purchased the car. The car fax did not reveal any issues, which has me suspicious of their accuracy. I would like the detailed service records on my car from the dealer to see what issues the car had/has, if they have been fixed, whether the dealer was knowledgable of these issues when they sold me the car and was negligable because I was not advised.