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Thread: Pulling the Trigger - Part 2 need some potential quick responses

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    marcwsu is offline Cadillac Owners Member
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    Pulling the Trigger - Part 2 need some potential quick responses

    Hello all,

    I had posted a few days ago that I was taking the Srx in to determine the oil consumption problem. The tech is recommending a "piston wash" which basically floods each cylinder and removes carbon and whatever else. He had mentioned that he had re-ringed the pistons on a few SRX's and found that nothing changed in terms or oil consumption.

    He also said to switch to Dino oil and not use synthetic which also burns at a higher rate..

    Couple of questions...
    Has anyone ever had this carbon/piston ring cleansing done before? Did it help? Any difference?
    Does anyone use Dino oil in this engine and noticed a difference? I can't imagine it would create any issues since there is not much diff between syn and conventional other than oil life.

    I'm still pushing for the piston re-ring as I can't see how this de-carbon process will suddenly help the issue. I was hoping just to hear some feedback....


    One more question, when there is water condensation under the oil cap... what is the meaning of that? PCV issue?

    Forgot to mention the last solution from the tech.... They said I could just replace the engine!

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    Aug 2010

    Re: Pulling the Trigger - Part 2 need some potential quick responses

    The condensation usually occurs because the engine doesn't completely warm up during drive cycles. Seem to remember dino oil= chain wear and cam adjuster problems. (SC1250)? is the one to ask.
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    Pinhauler is offline Cadillac Owners Fanatic
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    Re: Pulling the Trigger - Part 2 need some potential quick responses

    Are you still useing 5w-30 ? Maybe OK when new but I think to thin after 50 thousand Miles . Mobil makes a high mileage "1 " that I switched to and seams to help .

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    nascarnation is online now Cadillac Owners Fanatic
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    Aug 2008

    Re: Pulling the Trigger - Part 2 need some potential quick responses

    The only similar experience I have is with the Saturn 1.9 4-banger which was a notorious oil guzzler and this was definitely traced to a design defect where they left out the drainback holes in the piston oil ring groove causing the ring pack to sludge up. I don't know if anybody has uncovered a definite root cause on the Caddy or not?

    On these Saturns we had surprisingly good results with the European Castrol synthetic oil that contained some esters that were able to clean this carbon out and cut the consumption dramatically. This was not the "normal" USA BP sourced Castrol, but a German manufactured 0W-30 that met the European oil specs. For some reason over a number of years this was available at Autozone. Don't know if BP still sells this or not in NA, but I have a dozen or so quarts in my stash that I plan to use if my Caddy starts to consume oil.

    As for his comment about conventional vs synthetic, that doesn't make obvious sense to me. As a matter of fact as the oil specs become more rigorous "SN" and "Dexos" it is evident that "conventionals" are getting better all the time (and priced accordingly, LOL).


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