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YUP. There are a lot of opinions. I submit a few of my favorites:

- Most people think DEX VI can be used in any former DEX III application: and it can be in most cases - BUT NOT IN SOME GM MANUAL TRANNIES AND TRANSFER CASES THAT WERE DESIGNED FOR DEX III.

- the GM 88861800 transfer case fluid mentioned earlier is indeed the direct replacement for Dex III for the above-noted applications where the new Dex VI is specifically not recommended by GM. So, it or any good DEX III should be fine in the transfer case. I found Amsoil DEX III-compatible ATF to work a bit smoother in my C5 Corvette manual trans than the GM 88861800 - but it's full of finicky syncros, not like a transfer case.

- The GM service manual states the SRX 5-speed holds a bit over 9 qts, and the 6-speed a bit over 11 qts.
When drained, only about 7 qts come out, leaving 2 in the 5-speed and 4 in the 6-speed.
This was exactly my experience when I changed mine.
So, quibbling over the "best" DEX VI fluid, among those meeting the required GM spec, might be a
moot point, when we're leaving a third or more of the old fluid in the trans. We might be best-served by draining and refilling it twice with the cheaper stuff.

- I think tranny fluid is kinda like wax - it's not so much which brand you use, it's how often you use it.
I changed mine at 60k, and was shocked at out dark gray it was - there was absolutely no red color left at all - nasty! I might consider doing it again, as soon as the burns on my fingers heal. What a Hell of a job!

Thanks for the information!