Hey guys, I need some help. I'm in need of the wiring diagram for the audio system in an 09 SRX w/8 speaker Bose. I had it replaced with aftermarket equipment. I have purchased the PAC harness to retain my On* & chimes, etc. I had it replaced with a Pioneer headunit all new speakers and am introduced an amp into the system and need to bypass the factory Bose amp. Since there is a cluster-f*@# of wires coming in & out of the factory amp gotta know which wire goes to what. The installer that did the job had some problems when they were doing it and I'm not sure that everything is correctly hooked up so (GM & their running everything through the radio) I want to go back and have them check over some things but would like to give them a diagram of the wiring just to make sure they know 100% what each wire goes to so that everything is properly connected. Thanks in advance. You can email me the diagram lxngtnguy@insightbb.com