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First of all, this is a great forum!

Im currently working on getting my SRX registered in Norway. I`ve brought it with me from Colorado. The DMV tells me that I need those amber export-style taillights. Fortunately, I dont need rear foglamps. I was gonna try to do most of the job of replacing the taillights myself. Ill leave the wiring to the dealership.

I guess the hardest part is to remove the inner panels. Anyone done this job before? I could really need some help here! thanks!
Hello All,

I have an '07 SRX4 and have exported it to South Korea. I am having a very difficult time passing inspections due to local regulations requiring "amber" turn signals. To replace both taillights with the export (amber) version, will cost me about $2k. My thought was to temporarily add exterior amber turn signals via this wiring to pass inspection. However, I am not sure if this is possible, or if I need the additional wiring harness (P/N: 12499575). Also, need to know the location of the V92 wiring at the rear of the vehicle.

As a plan "b" I may have to change the whole tail light assembly for both sides to the export version with clear lens and both red and amber LEDs. Anyone out there know of an inexpensive source for these?

Any information that this forum could provide would be greatly appreciated.

I am so stressed about this situation, as I now have a vehicle here that I cannot drive unless is passes inspection.