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Thread: Need some help, rough idle & acceleration..

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    Feb 2004

    Need some help, rough idle & acceleration..

    hey everybody, i posted a while back saying that my car was stumbling, idling rough & popping through the exhaust at times during on the advice of many, i changed the plugs & wires (they were almost 9 years & 91,000 mlies old)...i used parts from i thought i was getting replacement GM parts, but after reading some recent posts, it looks like i got AC Delco brand replacement parts)..the gaps on the old plugs were way off, the worst being .067 and the best around .054...anyways the new parts made a tremendous difference, the car ran like brand new...for about a starting today with no warning, it seems worse than before, the idle jumps around from 500 rpm to 1000 rpm in both park & in gear...acceleration is real choppy from a stand does seem to accelerate smoothly when doing o WOT (which i did about 10 of to see if that would clear it up, no addition to the recent plugs & wires, i did a minor tune up about 6 months ago that included air filter, pcv valve, FPR, & a cleaning of the throttle body bore and the EGR valve...i'm showing no related codes, and am kind of stumped...i'm seeking some advice from our knowledgable group...sorry to be so long winded...thanks in advance, Bob....

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    Re: Need some help, rough idle & acceleration..

    The AC Delco parts are the Cadillac replacement's. Only AC Delco. Try to take the plugs out again and realign them, Those could possibly be bad wires, does your check Engin Light come one? I would try to re do the plugs and check all the wires. It definitly has something to do with those babys. Sorry if not much help, thats all I can think of without looking at it.

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    Re: Need some help, rough idle & acceleration..

    Check that the plugs are tight in the heads. If you have a torque wrench use that to verify tightness (don't want to strip threads).

    There was a thread (or several) about antisieze use a while ago. It isn't recommended for N*. Did you use it? You may want to clean the threads and reinstall the plugs.


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