I currently drive an '87 Coupe Deville, but would ultimately love to add one of these models (mid-90's Eldo/STS) to my driveway sometime between now & the day I drop dead LOL!!!

'94 Eldo Touring Coupe in black is my dream car.

Anyways, one day last summer, I went to visit the couple who used to own my '87 two owners prior to me. They currently drive a '94 STS, and what a blast it was to drive, they let me take it for a spin.

Then a short time after that visit, I took my car for an oil change & the mechanic that worked on it was a cousin to the lady that has the STS, and he told me about the trouble she had with the tranny in it when it went.

Apparently it took about 3 days to get it out.

Anyone have a story to relate on this issue? when I drove the STS, it was an awesome ride, jet black, 5-spoke American Racing rims, limo-tint, she's a sharp lookin' ride.

Are the Northstar trannys that hard to work on?

On a cool note, my "Honda-lovin" friend said her ultimate ride above ANY Honda would be a last-generation pearl white Eldo, thought I'd add that little tidbit (shhhh LOL)