Yes, I assumed through trial that there was an antisiphon baffle in my 96 Eldorado. I loosened the exhaust heat shield removed the the tank straps and removed the fuel lines and electical connections but NOT the inlet hose(s) as suggested. The bottom of the tank was 16 inches from the garage floor and the car was supported by 4 jackstands The fuel tank was supported by a floor jack or 2 if you have an extra. The bottom of the The tank will drop at it's lowest towards the drivers side front of the vehicle. This will allow ample room to remove the fuel lines, electrical, and retaining ring on the fuel pump/module. My tank was around 3/4 full but not much fuel was lost to my surprise. After I removed The module I had a 4 inch hole to stuff a siphon in the tank to remove about 7 gallons of fuel to lighten for tank reinstallation.

BTW My module wiring was bad on the gray lead to the pump with arcing evident on the electrical connector built into the top of the module. I built my own harness eliminating 2 connections and connector. Too many connections!!! I also replaced the pump motor I will post photos of this modification/fix soon......... -Mike