I'm new to the forum as I have been involved with the purchase of a 1999 Cadillac Seville STS for my lady friend's son. Two weeks later, his car is laid up with a low oil pressure warning, and a dealership telling it's going to $1,100.00 to replace the pump, and if that doesn't fix it, another $2,500.00 to pull the oil pan and clear any blockage to the pump intake tube. never worked on a STS. How difficult is it to replace the oil pump? I've found some articles on the web stating that the pump can be effected by carbon build up and that filling the engine will another 10-12 quarts and running at 3500 RPM can clear the blockage. Is this safe? Anyone BTDT and have some advice to lend? Help, my lady frind is going to kill me if she has to lay out $3,600 two weeks after buying this car for her son.

(Preston's mothers friend...and looking to stay that way)