The 96 Eldorado has traction control light on and abs light on. The AC turns off for engine protection and the heat turns on and off intermittently. Shift indicator on dash flashes when applying brake. I cleaned the key and attempted to clean the ignition switch the best I could to see if that is a problem. After pulling the battery cable to have it reset, the ac starts to work but soon the dash gear indicator light flashes and the the you hear the compressor turn off and the message comes across indicating it shut off the ac to protect the engine. The car starts without issue even though the theft protection warning comes on saying that it may not restart. I have driven it and it performs fine but if I hit the brake the gear indicator will start flashing and it feels like power is draining. I had the battery and the alternator checked by Advance Auto and that checked out good. No codes were coming up on their check either. But a list of codes do show up when checking the system on the dash. Oh yes the lights on the climate control system come on and off too intermittently. Heater comes on and turns off even with the light panel for the climate control system are not lit up.

The codes are: TC0777, PZ1588, PZ1981, PZ2016, IP1552, IP2016, IP2750, AC1340, AC1341, AC1350, AC2255.

All of this started a few days ago. A year ago I had trouble with the AC but changed out the pressure switch and that fixed it.