hi everyone i have a odd issue with my sevillle. whenever its raining or is just slightly humid i will hear a beep and the steering wheel, drivers seat, and drivers mirror will reset on their own, and all the doors locks will go up and down a few times. Also the memory set buttons are non functioning as well the unlock/lock button on drivers door only. there is 3 current DDM(drivers door module) codes. does that mean that the module should be replaced? or is there a short somewhere. as i said already it ONLY happens in rain or when humid if its dry i t will not happen. it even does it when the car is off, like sometimes ill come out to a unlocked car even though i locked it. to avoid getting in an accident i pulled the driver memory fuse because i just about get crushed when the wheel and seat adjust. i really hope someone has an idea of whats going on i love the car has 161,000 no issues besides that electrical one.