Hi, I need to know how to replace the electrical harness that goes to the left front hub assy on my 1996 eldorado etc. and I guess I would purchase it from cadillac, and also the routing of the harness,. and the lenght of the harness, no abs brakes, no traction controll. this is a contiuation from an older post, just a brief note, brought this car to a local cadillac dealer to repair this problem. after 3 hours of working on my car the mechanic told me i have a bad transmission because the car has no first gear,I told him the trans defaults to second gear, thats normal, this mechanic had no clue, still had to pay 100 dollars. code tcoo27. tcoo73. I repl the l/f hub assy , cleaned the connection on the t.c. module, so I will replace the haRNESS, IF THAT DONT WORK, I WILL TRY TO FIND A WORKING T,C. MODULE. IF THAT DONT WORK I WILL KEEP ON WAXING MY BEAUTIFUL RED TINT METALIC ELDO, AND JUST USE FOR MY DAILY MAIL RUN.( SHEs a beauty though.) a real Heart breaker. Thanks Tony.