My winter car is down for the winter pending a front pump seal replacement. When the car warms up, it bleeds transmission fluid. A trusted shop confirmed it isn't the pan seal.

That being said, I am planning on fixing/replacing the transmission, and am wondering how hard the front pump seal is? From my understanding, once you drop the trans, it is right in the bell housing. Or is it in the transmission?

If the repair is not do-able, I am just going to replace it. The trans is out, not too much more difficult to throw it in a truck, and trade it for one at a salvage yard. One near by always has the late 90s caddys...

Finally, I am going to replace the TCC solenoid while it is out. Is there anything else that is do-able with the trans out? Fluid and trans pan case are already on the list.



Also, gonna change the output shaft seals. Drivers has a slight dribble to it. Figured while it is out, it would be easy to get to...