So I failed emissions twice here in Colorado for HC's, the CO's and Nox were nearly failing as well. I recently had two ignition coils fail, which eventually fouled my cat, so those two coils, cat, wires, and plugs were replaced. Note that this is before emissions were tested. So I replaced the other two coils. Still failing, actually got worse a bit. Checked codes and had P032 and P071, which indicated MAP sensor. Also had P105 for brake booster vacuum low. However, I just had the injector cleaning service done at Grease Monkey and they disconnected the brake booster vacuum to introduce cleaner into the intake manifold. Wondering if that made my MAP codes trip too. Voltages on the O2 sensors are within normal operating voltages according to the computer.

Decided to pull the intake manifold (beauty cover) cover and discovered a mess....

First off, there was little to no pressure left in the fuel lines. As you can see, I don't think fuel should be pooling in the intake. Where the black intake tubes connect to the intake ports was chunked with carbon. In the top picture, where the injector harness goes down through the plastic fuel rail holder, that was filled to the top with fuel, picture a cup filled up. I'm thinking that the FPR is spraying fuel out the top nipple or an injector is leaking horribly. Since it's all apart, going to replace injectors (rockauto reman's or send them out to be cleaned/blurprinted), all o-rings, MAP, IAT, and FPR.

Only other thing I could think of is if there was a vacuum leak somewhere causing the FPR to release more fuel. But I don't think it would be so much, and it would have to travel back up the intake tubes to do what it did. The FPR and MAP on this motor are inside the intake, so don't have vacuum lines, just exposed to vacuum. The intake manifold cover gaskets look ok. Tried to look for any other place that may cause a vacuum leak on the intake, as this would increase the fuel pressure. Please let me know your thoughts and if you suspect something else. Thanks gents.