Hello everyone -

The problem on my 2002 Seville SLS:
Blend door Acuator stuck - Cold air on drivers side.

I was able to fix this without replacing the part - seeing many similar posts with the same problem I hope others can benefit from this...

Before you do anything CHECK YOUR CODES! I saw this post and didn't bother until I read how others had to go in and do a reset even after changing the part.

I figured, "why not?", so I pulled my codes and found b1327 - low voltage and b1340 - air mix door movement fault.

Wondering about the voltage error I went ahead and cleared the codes and voila - temp works again on the drivers side - no parts needed. Not sure if this will be a permanent fix or not - maybe I've got a bad line somewhere but it has definitely saved me from replacing an expensive part when it wasn't needed.

On to the next project... GLTA