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Would Rain-X affect the RainSense on the STS? I would think anything that reduced the friction on the glass would help shed water, and even prolong the life of the edge of the blade. Or maybe it would just cause them to collect more crud.
Confirming Ranger. No effect on RainSense. Only when it drizzles, or from spray of traffic ahead, especially in the winter with salt on the roads, the wipers cannot clear i all and you would need some aid from the washing fluid.


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............. BUT Rain-X is not just a slap it on and go deal. You need to apply it to a clean windshield and buff the heck out of it - if you even think you can see a faint trace of the stuff when looking across the windshield at an angle you haven't buffed it enough.

It's the greatest stuff on earth for plastic boat windshields and roll-up flybridge enclosures.

No, it has no effect on RainSense because it does not affect light transmission through the glass.

How do you get it OFF the windshield ??? Buy a pint of grain alcohol at the liquor store. Carefully wash the windshield with it - several times. Drink the remainder. It's only 190 proof - good night. (Grain alcohol (ethanol) also removes magic marker and Sharpie inks.)
Tip: just apply it on the windshield (leave the traces as is) and just rinse with cold water. No need for buffing at all! Try it
Again confirming Ranger