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Thread: 2001 STS Radio Removal

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    2001 STS Radio Removal

    Currently I have intermittent radio shut-off, setting IRM code U1129, Loss of Communication with AMP. Reading another post, this Code can be set by the radio overheating and shutting down to prevent damage. A fan in the radio may not be working. I have had some experience with fans with plastic impellers cracking at the hub allowing slipping; possible fixes include Loktite and JB Weld to repair the hub. A lot of the thin foam soundproofing under the dash has failed and crumbled into sticky blobs. I worry that some such crud is blocking airflow through the radio causing overheating. I would like to take the radio out of the car for closer inspection, but I am concerned about anti-theft circuits. IF I take the radio out, will the security have to be reset by the dealer to get the radio to operate again? If i open the radio to access the fan, will that create a security fault requiring dealer reset? I currently have the top, curved cover above the radio off and that seems to be providing a little more air circulation and less overheating shutoffs. I am also thinking of bringing a spray can of Dustoff (or Electronic contact cleaner, non residue) when I'm listening to the radio and give the radio a quick spray through the missing cover opening if it starts to display overheating cut-outs. That would temporarily eliminate the overheating, returning the radio to normal operation. Really I would like to remove the radio and vacuum and blow out any debris and inspect the radio, blow out the console portion of the dash and try to regain air flow though the radio. That would be best done if I could remove the radio without triggering a security fault (code) for the radio.


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    Re: 2001 STS Radio Removal

    You should be able to remove and re-install the same head unit in the same car. The HU is programmed with the car's VIN - that's where the TheftLock bug sets in - change head units, the car thinks something's stolen.

    HU's are not my bag - search through the Discussions, Item Specific: Audio, Video, Security forum for ideas.

    ...............or, for instant gratification, subscribe the car to - the GM service manuals plus so much more that you need to do a study course to find it all.

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    Re: 2001 STS Radio Removal

    You can remove it and reinstall it as many times as you like as long as it stays in the same car. The radio when brand started for the first time will lock on the car's VIN is connected to. After that every time is started will just ensure the VIN is locked on is the same (i.e. is still in the same car).
    Removing the HU from vehicle and reconnecting it again is absolutely equivalent with replacing the battery (you basically disconnect the power from it). If you have no issue with the HU when disconnecting the battery you have no issue with the HU when actually removing it from the car.

    Also I would not bother with the fan repair (there is a small fan in the back). I would just replace it with one from a donor HU (find one on eBay or at your local wrecking yard). I am not sure the fan is the issue though, these units don't really have a reason to overheat, as the amplifier is not in the HU. Also you can swap any part for from the HU you like as long as you preserve the motherboard. The HU will shut off if is loosing connection to the vehicle (and that's what I read from your reply). In this case I would check the wiring first (data wires are connected to pin F6 and E6 and are purple).
    If you swap the HU with a used one (one that was at least once connected to a vehicle, even if just for 1 second), after installed in the car you need to go to the dealer show a proof a legal purchase of the HU (indicating the seller’s contact information and the donor vehicle's VIN) and ask them to perform a VIN clear (or relearn). Until the VIN clear is performed the HU will not start (you do get the Chimes and the Clock controls) but when you press the ON/OFF knob thing will just display "THEFTLOCK ENABLED" and additionally you will have a IPC code about it. Other than that will not affect the vehicle in any way.


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