So 4 months ago or so, I was having overheating issues. I took it to my brother in law who is a mechanic and he said it was the water pump. He changed it as it was in need of replacement but still the overheating continued. I took it back and he feared head gasket issues. He checked and sure enough that was the culprit. The car has been on the lift with the engine directly below it for about a month now. It took us four hours to remove the engine(not bad), had the heads ground down as there was warping(thank you Extreme Speed)and have so far spent about 28 hours total on the car. Did I mention the timing chains, tensioners, pulleys had to be changed?? Also purchased the Time-Sert kit for the head bolts. I am on my way now to put in another 8 hours but when I get back tonight I will post a plethora of pictures taken throughout the process.